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November 11, 2017by Brian S0

The sheer growth of e-commerce sales should be enough for retailers to understand the significance of accepting payments online.

Industry-wide stats over back up the rapid trajectory of this e-commerce marketplace. In 2017 alone, online sales grew around 16 percent to just over $453 billion. This figure is the maximum increase the internet retail market has seen since 2011.

From the end of the decade, it is estimated that 26 million more shoppers will be equally active buyers and browsers of online goods.

Leading the e-commerce package, which is probably not surprising to many companies, is Amazon’s rapid expansion. What is notable, however, is that the pace at which this e-commerce behemoth is boosting sales. In 2017, Amazon struck $189.61 billion in sales — a blend of its earnings and its market sellers. Based on these statistics, Amazon accounts for roughly 70 percent of the general e-commerce growth and accounts for almost 35% of the entire retail sector.

It’s easy to see why retailers should See the significance of accepting payments online.

A lot of Amazon’s success has also been credited to its availability and ease of use in paying online, such as its one-click possibilities, and technologies that securely stores payment information. Needs to consider when establishing an internet payment strategy. This should include establishing a merchant account, credit card system arrangements, picking a merchant account supplier and locating a payment gateway provider. A merchant account is vital for any business who would like to take credit cards online and must be done before your company establishes its online payments plan.

Payment networks are ideal for your business (depending on the conditions and fees), you need to compare merchant account providers. This permits you to select a partner that best matches the needs of your enterprise and your clients’ needs. When selecting a merchant account provider, there are a couple of important features to search for: Transparency in pricing, customer service, merchant account service, increased technology, and flexibility to choose a plan that fits with your payment processing needs.

To power your online stations. Basically, a payment gateway is an eCommerce application that links your merchant account to your payment processing to permit companies to accept and process credit card payments online. An internet payment gateway is a vital element to owning a quick, flexible and secure online client environment. Having the ideal payment gateway can make it much easier to integrate and prepare the essential shopping cart software required to accept credit cards online and via mobile programs. Ensures your company is getting cash into merchant accounts quicker, and via secure online channels. But merchants must also know about the dangers associated with accepting payments online.

Provider, however, and your company will be set up for success with the essential security tools to shield your business from external threats. Since many risks are evident in the time of this trade, relying upon a payment gateway that incorporates the newest real-time fraud solutions can place your business online without including unnecessary risk.

Maintaining your business fully protected Means using two layers of security set up. To begin, you will want to rely on a payment processor that leverages technology such as tokenization and better authentication methods. Beyond secure hardware and software, you will want to make sure your payment gateway is integrated into an eCommerce site that depends upon improved site security features.

Up your eCommerce website is an SSL Certificate, which creates an encrypted link. This creates a secure connection between you and your clients, provides them with an extra layer of confidence and ensures they’re comfortable entering payment credentials on your website.

When the appropriate security measures are Set up, this gives your company the capacity to empower other key payment gateway attributes, such as subscription billing and accounts updater. Because both these features enable your company to make a card-on-file transaction, it is critical that your system encrypts the credit card info. Having the ideal security measures in place also reduces the chance there’ll be an error in processing credit cards, which lowers the odds of increased chargebacks.

Accepting Payments Online: How Firms Can be More Competitive

The Best benefit of accepting Payments on the internet, besides keeping client’s content and improving revenue flow, is the droves of information that exists within an internet transaction. Online payment processors provide more sophisticated customer insights into how and when customers are using your e-commerce website to check out.

Managing payments and earnings in any Rather than worrying about how to take payments, retailers need to be able to concentrate on deciding which online payment methods are best for their company and their customers. An online payment processor might provide demographic, geographic, psychographic, and economic characteristics of your clients so that your company can better understand their target audience.

Data linked to an online payment Processor can also offer insights into what products are selling best — such as to where, to what frequency, and to whom. This data can also supply real-time data into stock needs and will help you create better customer personas for future marketing and creation of your services and products.

Online payments effortlessly, efficiently and safely, accepting payments online supplies your company actionable information along with a strategic vision into how to increase your customer base and boost your earnings potential. Online payment methods are also more varied and innovative than conventional payment methods accepted in physical shops.

From mobile payments and electronic Payment solutions to purchase buttons and conventional credit/debit cards, the Options for internet payment solutions also enable your business to be More flexible in the way they work with clients. Tailoring your payment Solutions to be rapid, secure and suitable for your client base Increases the probability of fostering loyalty and driving repeat sales. For Any e-commerce retailer, that sector is your bread and butter viewer that contributes to scalability. In the center of this is establishing the capability to take payments online – with a suitable partner with you.

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