Credit Card PaymentsA How-To Guide on how your business can begin accepting credit card payments

November 12, 2017by Brian S3

Understanding How to accept credit card Payments is the first step in ensuring that your company is on the perfect path to supplying customers with the contemporary payment experience they expect.

Cash Free Credit Card Processing

Consumers and lots of companies are following suit by adopting a cash-free model. Equipping your company to accept credit card payments is becoming increasingly more complicated as safety regulations and technology offerings evolve. Fortunately, as the business changes, so do the amount of payment partners ready to make the craft of accepting credit card payments simpler.

Understanding the way to do so begins with one fundamental concept that all retailers must check off their list: obtaining a merchant account. To help guide you through the basic steps of the process, we have broken down what you will need to do to accept credit cards.

A merchant account serves as the bank account to take credit card payments — allowing for a suitable location for your client payments to flow into. With the ideal payments spouse by your side, establishing a merchant account is a seamless procedure.

Business to provide important components

Bank information to show the stability of capital, the ability to confirm the legitimacy of your organization, and evidence of security details. A merchant services provider might want to confirm that you have an account associated with your acquiring bank that handles the overall flow of your credit card payments. Banks, issuers and payment processors then require documentation that you are a legally established company. These bits are critical from the credit card payment mystery.

For companies that want to accept credit card payments on the internet, you must take the measures to have proper security information, or what is called SSL certification. When using a web server, an SSL certificate allows for secure connections (https protocol, etc.) to guarantee action from the server to your browser if secure. This protects credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, and any other sensitive client data that might be shared on your website.

Getting up and running

What is important to know about Setting up a merchant account is participating in perfect relationships. A merchant account can be established as soon as you’ve obtained a payment processor setup to accept payments via. After a credit card processing firm is chosen, retailers may apply for a merchant account, which is typically processed via a sponsored bank.

From credit card purchases to be deposited to a merchant account. A merchant account can be established online, but you must get a payment processing partner, such as BlessPay, that includes a sales representative on hand to negotiate the ideal kind of contract for your company. Prerequisites for merchant accounts vary dependent on the degree of risk associated with your type of company. Your risk is evaluated based on what sorts of goods/services you supply, how many transactions you process monthly and how much revenue you handle.

As the center part of this credit card processing Equation, the retailer makes the trade flow between consumers, retailers, processors, and banks potential. Merchant accounts allow for the reconciliation of capital between a business’ accounts, clients and the credit card issuer.

Choose your partners wisely

Payment processing firms, Like BlessPay, can offer a one-stop store for payment processing along with a merchant account. Working with a supplier that could check off these two boxes can help streamline the process and get your business to accept credit card payments quicker. A one-stop store for your payment processing venture may also offer your company the essential equipment required to accept credit card payments.

Understanding How to accept credit card Payments can also be about having the perfect relationships involved in the process to make the transaction possible.

Not doing this can damage your client relationships and your ability to procure payment processor partnerships. The following relationship in this procedure is the acquiring bank, that’s the financial institution that acts on behalf of the retailer to process your credit card payments. Securing a connection with your acquiring bank and getting a merchant account fast is the fastest way to receive your Merchant ID (MID) and begin accepting credit card payments.

On the opposite end of the payment equation, there’s the issuing bank that’s connected to the credit card system itself (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). These networks facilitate the way that transactions occur between retailers and the card issuers. Having the ideal payment processing partnership to handle the ebbs and flows between all these parties allows for better connections with your own banks and card networks that enable your business to correctly accept credit card payments.

Considering that a payment processor allows Transaction data to move throughout your business’ payment terminal or payment applications, this is the essential piece in ensuring this trade properly passes through the card system and issuing bank. An issuing bank is tasked with authorizing the trade through the card payment and network processor. When these details work together the outcome is a seamless payment between clients and your organization.

Properly processing obligations Include checking off key attributes in your credit card payment list. When picking your payments provider, it is important to ask yourself: Is the chip-equipped to assist you to fight chargebacks? Can they provide tools for fraud protection and improved data security? Do they have ample choices to help you onboard offline and online payment choices? Do they have the ideal financial institutions partnership? When those items are checked off your list, you will be on your way to accepting credit cards correctly .

Your responsibility as a company isn’t to be worried about the nitty-gritty factors of credit card payments. Allow the payment specialists at BlessPay show you how this procedure can be easier when you concentrate on your business, and we concentrate on ensuring you get paid.

That is why we’re here to facilitate you Throughout the merchant account process so that you can accept credit card Payments simpler, faster and secure way.


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