Agent ISO Program

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Start building solid solutions with our Agent / ISO plan

As a BlessPay Agent / ISO Partner, you will have endless opportunities to earn commissions through the credit card transactions your referral accounts process on a monthly basis, as well upfront bonuses. In addition, you will gain access to all of BlessPay’s marketing, customer support, tech support, and account management resources and tools.

The businesses you refer will take advantage of expedited approvals, 24/7/365 support, no contracts or annual/termination charges, no-fee processing, included equipment as well as overall lower costs.

To become a BlessPay Agent / ISO Partner and start earning additional income, call us today at 1-800-314-0234 to get a free consultation, or apply online down below.

Agent / ISO Partner Benefits

Earn an upfront bonus and a lifetime residual commission on all approved accounts with no minimums
BlessPay’s innovative lead tracking process which ensures you obtain credit, and payment for each & every referred lead
Ongoing assistance and support from in-house technical and service guidance teams
Quick access to affiliate marketing resources, such as logos and links, which are customized using your affiliate ID
Offer business owners the best and most secure technology however your business clients want to pay
Generate leads by adding links to your website, speak to prospective customers, advertise via social media or others
Represent a company that cares for the needs of those less fortunate in the USA and around the globe
Partner with a credible and growing company which values your talents and cares about your referrals
At BlessPay we strive to be a blessing to businesses across the globe. We offer honest, transparent pricing options for all the ways you take payments. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to be able to serve your business.



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